Keep sparkling one day at a time!

Hey (big hugs)!

It’s so nice to meet you.

I’m AJ (to my friends or Anne Johnston if we’re being all official), a brain injury warrior from Forfar, Scotland.

In March 2018 the Beast from the East hit and I had a freak sledging accident which left me with a brain injury, post-concussion syndrome.

As I embarked on a long recovery journey, I felt completely lost and scared. I felt partly like my mind and body had been taken over by an alien and also like I was living someone else’s life. I just didn’t feel like me. I felt like I’d lost my sparkle. Whoever I was, it wasn’t me.


I started journaling to help my memory issues by documenting my journey and then I shared some of them on social media because I needed my family and friends to understand what I was going through so they could best support me.

Further into my recovery this blog Finding My Sparkle was born and I now blog to share my recovery journals and tips for living with brain injuries. If you’re a post-concussion syndrome warrior too I don’t want you to feel alone. Yes, it’s totally scary bananas and it feels like it’s hard for others to understand, but I’m here for you and I’ve got your back.

My recovery journey

Take a deep dive into my Finding My Sparkle journals as I share the highs and lows of life with post-concussion syndrome and tips for living with a brain injury

Can you help support my recovery?

I'd love your support with alternative therapies that help me with pain relief, sleep and relaxation and with supplements and healthy foods to make sure I'm getting the right nutrition for my brain. 

If you're able to support me in my recovery, please click the link below.