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Let your sparkle shine one day at a time!

Hey (big hugs)!

It’s so nice to meet you.

I’m AJ (to my friends or Anne Johnston if we’re being all official), a brain injury warrior from Forfar, Scotland.

In March 2018 the Beast from the East hit and I had a sledging accident which left me with Post-concussion syndrome. 

Finding My Sparkle is a place for me to share my recovery journey. If you’re a PCS warrior too I don’t want you to feel alone. Yes, it’s totally scary bananas and it feels like it’s hard for others to understand, but I’m here for you and I’ve got your back.

Over time I’ll be adding dedicated pages to help my fellow PCS warriors and your families. Until then there’s links below for you to read my story and follow my recovery journey in my blogs and on YouTube.

I’m making it my mission to do everything I can to raise awareness of Post-concussion syndrome and have appeared in the national press, on Radio Scotland and on TV. Please get in touch if you’d like to feature my story.



My recovery journey

Take a deep dive into my Finding My Sparkle journals as I share the highs and lows of living with Post-concussion syndrome.

Follow my journey on YouTube

A month into my recovery journey I started recording vlogs and sharing them on YouTube. Here are a few that I think you’ll find most helpful. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch the latest videos.

At 3 months into my recovery journey, I share how I feel about living with a brain injury and the highs and lows of Post Concussion Syndrome

At day 41 of my recovery journey I share my experience of floatation tank therapy after my 2nd session. I talk about how finding retired US Navy SEALs online led me to this therapy

Day 31 of my recovery journey I share some of the treatments and things I do on a daily basis to help my recovery

Can you help support my therapy?

A massive thanks to everyone supporting me with floatation tank therapy to help my recovery. Please keep spreading the word and donating if you can so I can keep going ? I wouldn’t be able to do this without your help.

Every time I go I reach a deeper state of relaxation and it gives me longer deeper quality sleep which is everything as my brain recovers. I come out after the float feeling more like me and have noticed an improvement in my balance too. I’m still stumbly and slow when I walk but it is getting better. If you’re able to help out either with a donation or transport I’d be super grateful.