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I’m not broken, I’m just finding my sparkle!

My journals and brain injury tips

I know that living with brain injury Post-concussion syndrome can be a whole load of scary bananas and if you’re a warrior too I want you to know that you’re not alone.

Here you can take a deep dive into my mind as I share some of my Follow My Sparkle Journals. I started a journal after my accident as my brain injury gave me memory issues and I wanted to document what I was going through.

I shared some of my journals on social media as I couldn’t make sense of what I was going through and I felt like no-one in my life understood it either.  It turns out there’s thousands of people living with Post-concussion syndrome worldwide and I’m so grateful for the brain injury warrior community I’ve connected with.  So now I’m sharing my experience here with you.

You’ll also find tips for living with Post-concussion syndrome which you might find helpful for other brain injuries too.